Denise Blankinship

Denise Blankinship retired as an American Airlines B757/767 Captain. She started at Piedmont Airlines and flew for the airline industry for over 38 years.During her airline career, she was exposed to aero-toxins on her aircraft several times. Learn more about her amazing story and how she went from years of sickness to reclaiming her life!

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My Full story

Over the course of my 38-year airline career, I have been the Pilot in Command for multiple fume events. The first identified event was Dec 30th, 2009 on a Boeing 767. As I was the Captain along with the first officer, we flew US Airways aircraft 251 from Charlotte, NC to San Juan, Puerto Rico. We were exposed to neurotoxin poisoning through out the flight. I had been an active and healthy person up to this point. After this flight, when I became inexplicably sick and found no relief through conventional medicine. I had to start my independent journey back to health.On one layover in Dublin Ireland in 2010, I fell getting out of the crew van. I still do not know why I ended up on the concrete. We were on the way back to the USA. I had meniscus surgery on my right knee after that flight. The torment continued when I started experiencing severe nerve pain all over my body and situational “brain fog”.This first neurotoxin poisoning event was compounded by several additional exposures while flying the B757 and B767. On longer flights, our flight crew is augmented with an International Relief Officer, so the pilots can take a mini-break or rest period during the flight. When I took my rest break in the first-class section of the aircraft, sometimes my lungs would feel restricted, my throat would swell and scratch and I would cough and sneeze for the duration of the flight. I had become allergic to the flying environment!In October of 2012 I was in a aircraft that must have had a prior fume event. The residual neurotoxins remain in the carpet and upholstery allowing for repeated exposure. So after a hour an a half of flying I was scheduled for my hour break in first-class. Twenty minutes into my break I started coughing and could not breathe. I went back to the cockpit this was on a Friday. Monday I was hospitalized. I spent 5 nights in ICU on 15 units of oxygen not knowing how severe I was. The hospital will not release patients until they are on 3 units of oxygen or less.Two months later, my doctor told me if I was in another fume event it would kill me. He recommended going out on disability. I was so distraught in this very moment, I said, “Disability was not an option, death was!” In the end, I had to retire early from a career I loved. In reality this career was taking my vibrant life from me and my soon to be retirement years that I worked hard for. I realized at this moment I was working in an environment that was damaging to my health.I began treatments with conventional doctors and naturopath practitioners. Undergoing coordinated procedures and independent regimens, they considered the “best of the best!” This was a combination of supplements and medicines. After spending lots of money emptying my savings account and wasting an extended amount of time, I realized these supplements were not by any means, “best of the best!” The medicines had extreme side effects too. Not knowing at the time, I was just too brain-disturbed and sick to demand the science and research behind these supplements. I also did not understand the side effects of medication. My supplemental dosage amounts were extreme along with additional IV therapy two or three times a week at a doctor’s office costing $490 a session. Who can keep this up?I traveled to the west coast to a highly recommended Brain Restoration Clinic. While I was there, but before I started my treatment, I was videotaped by the doctor, showing that I could not walk a straight line or crawl properly. This was devastating to my mind and spirit to say the least. Continuing with many other natural remedies such as essential oils including numerous amounts of sessions with cupping treatments, ear candling, magnet therapy, holistic iridology, BioEnergeric intolerance elimination.Spending so much more money on energy and therapeutic equipment for my home to continue treatments recommended by practitioners: including Megan Bed, Scaler Wave Laser, Hyperbaric Chamber, Magna-Charger, Aqua Foot Detox Equipment, Beam Ray Frequency Generator, Sauna, and the biggest purchase Photon Genius. I was determined to get better at any cost!I changed my diet eating a variety of organics and drinking fresh juice. The juice cleanse caused a negative consequence to my body. I had so many chemicals that had to be detoxed out of my body. I could not detox because of extreme violent reactions. Shortly after this experience, I started working with a world-renowned nutritional biochemist. He taught me an important piece of my journey. An important reason, our human body is not able to absorb the nutrients needed into our cells are due to to many toxins and heavy metal overload. I was more desperate now knowing this information to keep searching. I will not stop until I figured this out for myself and my fellow airline family!In December of 2022 my prayers were finally answered. My hope for a full and fulfilling future became a reality when I was introduced to the first radiation biologist PhD in the world. Dr. Kedar Prasad, had been asked by the DOD to create a product to protect our soldiers from chemical warfare, radiation, and bombings. I felt within days I was changing for the better. I stopped all other supplements that I had been taking. I am happy to say after five months I am back in the air flying and I finally feeling healthy. My vitality has been restored, my brain fog has dissipated. I have finally been able to go through a real detox without the violent headaches and vomiting that has always stopped me in my tracks. I credit my recovery to Dr. Kedar Prasad who knows chemistry and developed the right quantity combination and form of products!The Engage Global Products provide the nutrients my body needed to heal itself. These products allow the body to receive the micro nutrients so desperately needed at a cellular level. Today in this particular combination quantity and form these nutrients are not found in our food or any other supplement on the market. There was 24 million dollars put into research and developing with Dr. Prasad's single formulation, which has seven patents. This was never meant to be sold to civilians. The Engage Global micronutrients were formulated to protect the military men and women from chemical warfare and radiation.So, this is the story of my 13-year journey, spending so much money to recover from multiple aero-toxin events. I am happy to spare you the pain, the expense, the time and share what really worked for me. Thank God, my prayers have been answered! Should you find yourself similarly afflicted, I hope my research and trials will shorten your flight to ultimate health.Blessings,
Denise Blankinship

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